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Isn’t It Bromantic?

We’re totally against conversion therapy. Unless it’s in reverse.

Because we all have that straight guy friend that we’re utterly convinced we could utterly convince to do some gay stuff. You know the one.

In the new YouTube series, STRAY, two friends (one gay, one not) reunite after a case of mistaken Grindr identity involving blindfolds, poppers and candlelight dinners at Sizzler. Once they reconnect properly, questions of each other’s sexuality come up and hilarity ensues.

Each episode is only a few minutes long (sometimes just two), but that’s exactly what we need to fill in the gaps between our Golden Girls Hulu binging. All we know is we’d love to hang out with these two hot guys for an afternoon having deep, penetrating—conversations.

By the end of STRAY’s second episode, you’ll never look at childhood games the same way ever again.

And for that we’re forever grateful.

Episodes 1 & 2 now available

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