Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Soap Droppers

Damn, we miss One Life To Live.

Although we would’ve graduated from college much sooner if we hadn’t skipped International Marketing every Friday to eat Taco Bell and watch the latest sudsy adventures of Vicki and Dorian unfold before the pre-weekend cliffhanger.

But the world of soap operas, struggling as it is in real-life, is still very ripe for parody. Perhaps now more than ever.

Once again, Dekkoo (the premiere subscription-based streaming service dedicated to gay men) raises the bar with another original program, Dropping the Soap, starring Paul Witten and Jane Lynch (pictured above).

Much like 30 Rock or the gone-too-soon Telenovela, this comedy intermingles scenes from the show they’re producing (Collided Lives, in this case) with behind-the-scenes antics of the cast and crew. The short-attention-span episodes last only about 10 minutes each, but they’re packed with celebrity guests and jammed even tighter with laugh-out-loud moments.

Plus, with a full 10 episodes streaming, it’s like getting one really solid two-hour movie. Just in bite-size chunks.

Kinda like Junior Mints.

Dropping the Soap
Now available on Dekkoo
$9.99 per month after 14-day free trial
Dekkoo is available via iTunes, Google Play, AppleTV, Roku and Amazon