Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Reach For The Meat

Though we’d never be caught dead in a Golden Corral or Furr’s Cafeteria, we’re not immune to the allure of all-you-can-eat.

Or more precisely, all you can meat.

The popular Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chão (pronounced fo-go dèe shoun, NOT fo-go dèe chow) got its start in Porto Alegre, Brazil back in 1979. The American debut was right here in Dallas (or Addison to be more precise) in 1997 so we consider Fogo de Chão a local joint.

Twenty years later, the brand-new Fogo de Chão in Uptown is set in a gleaming, modern space with large windows and contemporary art pieces for an entirely updated vibe.

Of course, the handsome gauchos bringing skewers of hot beef, lamb, chicken and pork to your table until you turn your disk from GO to STOP hasn’t changed a bit. Neither has the massive Market Table and its salads, cheese, smoked salmon and famous giant asparagus. (Plus, the Market Table is only $15 at lunch.)

In fact, when it comes to indulging in neverending food, you can’t do better than a trip to Fogo.

We’re just bummed none of the gauchos showed up on Grindr.

Guess we totally misinterpreted the one who kept showing us his sirloin while proclaiming, “Bottom. Bottom.”

Fogo de Chão
Full Churrasco Experience: $32.95 at lunch; $36.95 at brunch; $46.50
2619 McKinney Avenue, Suite 150, Dallas