Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something White Trash

Shake our family tree too hard and more than a few people with red necks will fall out.

Perhaps that’s why we have such a love for the Sordid Lives franchise.

We can practically quote every line of the original 2000 film. The entire Sordid Lives: The Series is a permanent fixture on our DVR. And every one of our nieces and nephews owns the illustrated pop-up, Brother Boy and the Chamber of Secrets.

Well, the gang’s all back for this year’s A Very Sordid Wedding. The actors are a mish-mash from the first movie, the series and the stage productions, but nearly every person on-screen has been an integral part of the broader Del Shores universe over the years.

The movie is less about the titular nuptials than you might expect.

Instead, the bulk of the plot delightfully catches us up on the lives of our favorite characters, from Brother Boy (Leslie Jordan) and his arch-nemesis Dr. Eve (Rosemary Alexander) to LaVonda (Ann Walker), Sissy (Dale Dickey), Latrelle (Bonnie Bedelia) and Noleta (Carline Rhea). Perhaps we’re most excited that town drunk Juanita (Sarah Hunley) has a much bigger presence, along with her always-handy bottle of Coors Banquet.

There’s a lot going on in the lives of this wacky family, but a huge focus falls on which parts of the Bible they’ll side with when the local church stages an anti-equality rally to make Winters, Texas a sanctuary community for those against the LGBT agenda.

Like all Del Shores projects, religion and the hypocrisy surrounding much of it are central to the story’s DNA with alternatingly hilarious and heartfelt effects.

But this movie is most happily about reconnecting with these colorful people and seeing what they’re up to decades later. It’s the same sense of nostalgia and joy we had with Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and what we expect to feel when Twin Peaks returns to Showtime this May.

Plus, it’s really fun to see so much of Dallas in the film, from Ron Corning on TV to Cassie Nova at the Rose Room. Tickets for the limited Dallas engagement will sell out quickly, so we suggest you buy them now.

Or forever hold your bleached blonde hairpiece.

A Very Sordid Wedding
April 21 & 23
Ticket and venue information at averysordidwedding.com