Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

1 Step To A Perfect Dinner Party

Meal delivery services are all the rage. But most of them require too much time to chop, shred, season, sear and cook. Not to mention several minutes to scream at the boyfriend for not julienning the carrots properly.

And sometimes, like the men in our life, we just want easy.

That’s where Food Hugs Kitchen comes in. From gay Dallas restaurateur Scott Jones comes a new heat-and-serve comfort-food delivery service that can make for the easiest dinner party ever. A variety of appetizers, soups, side dishes, casseroles, main courses and desserts are available in portion sizes to serve a couple or a crowd.

Simply log in, select the food you want and pick a delivery time (note: someone needs to be home to receive the delivery). Then follow the easy cooking instructions and boom! Instant dinner party.

Just add wine. Lot and lots of wine.

Food Hugs Kitchen
Use code HESAIDMAG for 10% off your first order through June 1, 2017.