Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Win Tickets To The Dallas Screening of HUMP! Film Festival



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Fit For A King

In the world of drag (or gender illusion if you prefer that term), queens typically reign supreme with appearances somewhere in the city every night of the year. Drag kings, on the other less press-on nailed hand, are more like groundhogs. They pop out rarely, but when they do, it’s a major event. Tonight, the kings take over as the […]

Underground Treasure

Most people remember The Goonies fondly because of Sloth. Or Chunk. Perhaps the Cyndi Lauper-sung theme song. For us, it holds a stronger memory because it helped confirm our still-blossoming gayness. From the moment he appeared onscreen, we had a mad, mad crush on Josh Brolin. Those lips. Those biceps. That horrible muscle shirt. But we didn’t care. He made […]