Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drink Your Greens, Shelby

Water makes up about 60 percent of the human body.

Ours, however, is more like 88% toxins. And 12% Taco Bueno. (So guess that’s really 100% toxins.)

That’s why we were grateful (if not scared) when Dallas-based Buda Juice offered us a two-day cleanse to see how we liked it. All we had to muster was enough will power and self-control to give up booze, caffeine and food for two days. So we cleared our calendar and sequestered ourselves at home to best avoid the temptations of the real world.

SPOILER ALERT: We did it! And lost six pounds in the process.

Here’s how.

The cleanse features six delicious pints of certified organic, 35-degree-cold-pressed juice a day. All fruits and veggies are kept refrigerated from the moment they leave the farm to the second they fill every glass bottle–all without pasteurization, so this juice is bursting with living nutrients.

Each day starts with No 01 Green Juicethen the beet-based No 02 Red Juice for lunch. (Perhaps not coincidentally, No 02 Red may turn your number two red. Don’t be scared.)

For dinner, we savored the one bottle we consider the key to our success: the No S1 Buda Basilato Soup Made with tomatoes, basil, cucumber and olive oil, the chunky gazpacho-esque chilled soup offers the satisfaction of a real meal, especially when enjoyed in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. We even drank our other juices from wine and champagne glasses for added fabulousness.

Between these main meals, we sipped on two bottles of No 04 Blue Lemonade and No M1 Buda Almond Milk for dessert.

To be sure, the first day was rough. We daydreamed about food constantly and had some difficulty concentrating on our work. By Day Two, however, our body had adjusted to the new routine enough that a third day would’ve been doable.

The detoxing and weight loss motivated us to continue living booze-free for another week while incorporating many more vegan and vegetarian meals into our diets. We’ve managed to keep the pounds off now for more than two weeks, so we’re thrilled. It requires discipline and exercise, but we credit the juice with getting us started on the Speedo-lined path to summer pool season.

So please don’t tell our mom, but it’s official:

We now worship Buda.

Buda Juice Cleanse
$65 (1-day); $195 (3-day); $325 (5-day)