Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Book Even Trump Could Read

Make America literate again.


With the predilection of our Hemorrhoid in Chief to use single-syllable words (and apparently a thesaurus with only one page containing synonyms for the word “great”) the intellectual bar has been set at an all-time low.

But Pia Frey has taken the Big Orange Sphincter‘s most famous phrases of late and cut them up to create a flip book with practically endless new phrases from his tweets and other nonsensical ramblings.

America Has Very Nice Legs – It’s a Fact! features three panels with mix-and-match excerpts, but it also has some wonderful illustrations, including Mount Trumpmore (pictured at top) and other unflattering depictions of Donald J. Shitstain that still probably stroke his ego due to his limited intelligence.

We’re just happy that Frey has given us a way to actually laugh at what comes out of his mouth. Or from his tiny fingers.

The book’s out today, so grab it by the pages now!

America Has Very Nice Legs – It’s a Fact! 
Out today