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BJ’s NXS closing next month

After 8 years, BJ’s NXS — self-proclaimed home to Dallas’ hottest dancers (and one of our favorite guilty pleasures) — is closing. According to their Facebook page, the bar couldn’t reach a lease deal with the new owners of its building on Fitzhugh and will twerk for a final night on Friday, August 25th.

Like the perfect tease that their boys are, BJ’s claims that their infamous Trashy Tuesdays will continue. (Consider our interest piqued…)

Here’s what they said on Facebook:

As the Premier male entertainment club in Dallas, it has been a privilege to offer this venue to the Dallas Community for 8 wonderful years.

Due to circumstances beyond our control our final hooray will be Friday August 25, 2017. The building was sold and no terms could be worked out with the new owner.

Many THANKS to our team members and especially the Dallas Community for 8 wonderful years. Because of you we were able to provide for many charities including Legacy Counseling, Resource Center and Humane Society, among others.

The staff was informed Wednesday July 26th of the closure plans. They are all pumped to bring you many countdown parties in the month of August. Including the countdown of FINAL ORIGINAL TRASHY TUESDAYS. (4 left)

Not to worry-the infamous TRASHY TUESDAY will continue. (Details to come soon)

Many, many, thanks to all the patrons over the years. Without you, our success would not have been possible

Please look for an in depth interview and article in the Dallas Voice August 11, 2017.




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