Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fave Five: Hot Fun In The Summertime

As we bid adieu to July, we thought it was the perfect time to present a FAVE FIVE collection of things we’ve been loving all summer long.

From fierce music videos to must-have products, here’s a handful of fabulousness hand-picked just for you.

1. “I Am Peaceman” SIR IVAN, featuring Debbie Gibson
This song came out earlier in the summer, but the anthem against LGBT violence is relevant as ever, especially given the climate this week when it comes to attacks on our rights. All proceeds from the song will benefit a charity called Gays Against Guns, to which Sir Ivan has already donated $10,000 to help fight against LGBT gun violence. But almost as important: How hot is Debbie Gibson in this?! Love.

Download this and other Sir Ivan songs on iTunes.

2. Father Figure
Gay dads are everywhere these days and this company is the first-ever paternity clothing company, offering fashionable, masculine baby-cuddling items ranging from shirts with super-soft fabric in places where the young’un is most likely to come into contact to bandana-style burp rags. We chatted with the owner and he wants to strengthen the loving bond between all fathers (even gay dads) and their children. Yep, he’s an active LGBT rights supporter, so we’re thrilled to support him, too.


If you haven’t heard of this hot young artist, you should check out her debut EP, Freedom on iTunes. She sang at several Pride festivals this summer, so catch her full performance from Queens Gay Pride above for a glimpse at her high-energy style. Again, we’ve gotta support those who support us, so GO AZRA!


4. UB Super Plant Based Protein Smoothie
We drink a lot of smoothies and protein shakes during the summer in an attempt to keep our 24-pack in tip-top shape. But we’re not fans of many of the supplements. As soon as we tried UB Super, however, we knew we had a keeper for our pantry shelves. With only 110 calories and 75 vitamins and minerals, the vegan protein is delicious blended in coconut milk or whatever your liquid of choice. And no, vodka doesn’t count.

5. The Pugilist Eye Care from Whiskey, Ink, & Lace
Summer’s all about travel and that’s the only time we want people to see our bags. This natural cream prevents wrinkles and helps reduce under-eye puffiness better than anything we’ve tried in the price range. At just $14, this manly jar of miracle whip is the answer to keeping our facial carry-ons in check.




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