Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Strife, Shame & Silence

I am struggling to find my way with this week’s news. I pray that you receive some sort of touch.

Strife. The North Korean-American name-calling has reached a fever pitch. Both countries are poised to point nuclear missiles in the other’s direction. Suddenly, echoes of the Cuban Missile Crises are resonating in this land. I just wish Donny and Kim Jung Un would just get together and flop out their pee pees to settle this ridiculous argument over whose is bigger. There’s just no reason for the rest of us to have to live in fear over this petty argument. In the meantime, I hear there are steep discounts on cruises to Guam right now. Aloha!

Shame. Shame in our midst, Brothers and Sisters. A select group of troublemakers in Charlottesville, Virginia, felt emboldened to assert their perceived greatness as white people this past weekend. I truly thought that the European newsreels of 1939 were old news, but history seems to be attempting to repeat itself. It mystifies me how so many of these angry young men claim to be Christian Republicans when their actions reflect neither Christ-like attitudes or anything resembling small government. (Only small minds.) And the response and condemnation of all this from our fine President came at his usual glacial pace. Brothers and Sisters, I abhor violence. But sometimes my frustration makes me want to test drive a Dodge Challenger right past 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Pray for Peace.

Silence. In lighter news, London’s greatest landmark, Big Ben, is being silenced until 2021 as it undergoes restoration and maintenance. If the Brits can silence something so powerful for four years, could we Americans send our leader in for similar repair? Amen.