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Pink Traveler: To Baja Sur With Love

Plop us in a lounge chair facing the ocean, stick us on a stool at the swim-up bar, or simply lean us against a wall where we can watch hot guys walk by in swimsuits and we’d be happy vacationers. Put us up at a beautiful property and we’ll never want to leave.

All of the above scenarios took place for us earlier this summer when we were asked to join a group of journalists at the grand opening celebration of the newly renovated architectural masterpiece, The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa. It was our first time to Los Cabos and Baja California Sur in general, but this experience definitely left us ready to book a return visit.

From the moment you walk to the edge of the open-air lobby, you’ll see sapphire-colored water framed spectacularly through the buildings and beyond. Once on the beach (or at one of the property’s multiple oceanfront restaurants), you’ll likely see dolphins frolicking among the white caps. And in season, they can be seen partying down with a few of their majestic whale friends, too.

The resort has a private beach, but the waves are generally rough and there are lots of rocks, so if you want to actually get into the sea you may need to take a quick ride to calmer shores nearby. We go to Puerto Vallarta resorts in Mexico often and find it hard to relax with beach vendors interrupting us every three minutes, so it’s worth noting that the absence of trinket solicitors more than makes up for not being able to get into the water. Which we find highly overrated anyway.

After all, we always prefer to be in the calm of a pool watching the ocean rather than trying to keep from being knocked over by crashing waves while protecting our precious cocktails. At the adults-only pool (pictured above), we never once had to worry about losing our piña colada to the whims of the sea—or having it knocked over by a rogue Marco Polo-screaming child.

Another great place to escape the pre-pubescent set is at the incredible Spa Otomí, where we enjoyed the Blue Agave Candlelight massage. The masseur lit a candle, which not only had an amazing fragrance but also became a soothing oil used as part of this particular body-rubbing ritual. We felt just like Madonna in Body of Evidence.                                                                   The massive resort has converted its accommodations into 147 beautifully appointed villas with king-size Westin Heavenly Beds, private balconies and glorious walk-in showers big enough for a small gathering. There’s also a kitchenette in every room, which for us just meant having a full-size refrigerator for our tequila stash and a microwave for late-night popcorn. Room options range from one-room studio ocean villas to two-bedroom/two-bathroom ocean villas, great for traveling with friends or family.

During our stay, we visited both towns that make up greater Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas has more of the spring-breaky, sombrero-wearing-bros-doing-tequila-shots-off-a-bikini-girl’s-stomach kinda vibe. In stark contrast, San José del Cabo (pictured above) featured art galleries, high-end restaurants and craft cocktail joints in lieu of red solo cups and beer bongs.Again, this is simply our first-visit impression, but this charming twon just felt more laid-back, authentic and void of obnoxious tourists.

Best of all, The Westin Los Cabos is just a 14-minute ride away from San José del Cabo, making the resort a perfect home base for all our extracurricular explorations. And the epicenter of relaxation.

The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa

Insider tip: Corraline Restaurant has the best fried shrimp tacos we’ve ever eaten. And we eat  a lot of shrimp tacos.



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