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Brunch Of The Week: Under The Sea

Which came first, the salmon or the egg?

We’re not sure we care because we can get both, plus other seafood favorites like jumbo lump crab Benedict (above) during the recently launched brunch at Water Grill in Uptown. If you haven’t been to this California import yet, we highly recommend it for every meal of the day.

Fish gets flown in daily from the restaurant’s exclusive supply, so it’s among the freshest in town.

But you understand our fondness for brunch, so we think that’s a great place to start because not only do you get a taste of some truly delectable breakfast dishes, but also a glimpse into their seafood soul.

Start with any of a variety of refreshing cocktails. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the “WG” Bloody Mary, which features an Old Bay rim (who doesn’t love that), plus chilled blackened shrimp and thick-cut bacon. We like to think of it as a shrimp cocktail that we can drink. And one that’s also a legit cocktail by boozy definition.

For entrées, choose from ocean-accented dishes including the Benedict we already mentioned, salmon hash and eggs, as well as smoked salmon served with a toasted bagel and cream cheese.

Non-seafood lovers won’t have to worry, either. Water Grill offers everything from traditional bacon-egg-potato platters and blueberry pancakes to Quiche Lorraine and huevos rancheros. Better still, you can order warm, gooey cinnamon rolls as a side dish. Yep.

Make reservations now to check out Water Grill this weekend and ask to sit on the gorgeous patio.

Then revel in the fact that for possibly one of the first times in your life, you can leave your house and hang a sign on the front door that is 100% true.

Gone fishin’, indeed.

Water Grill Brunch
Saturday & Sunday
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
1920 McKinney Avenue, Dallas

Photos courtesy Water Grill



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