Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: Shaken & STIRR

We like our Ellums deep and our drinks stiff.

Luckily we get both at STIRR.

The popular hotspot has been a favorite hangout of ours since opening last year and as much as we enjoy the nighttime vibe there, we really dig the Deep Ellum neighborhood most during brunch.

We and our friends usually always start with a Bloody Mary, but here it’s even better because we can get a carafe for the entire table for only 20 bucks, about the price of two of the tomatoey cocktails many other places. Or we can really get things kicked off with a STIRR Old Fashioned (it’s made with brown sugar, which says “breakfast” to us!).

The Cow & Pig Burger (a double-patty beef-and-pork creation) will more than satisfy those who prefer the lunch side of the brunch menu while those seeking eggs and morning favorites can take comfort in migas, veggie quiche and blueberry bread pudding as an entrée.

Sharing a monstrous platter-size house-made cinnamon roll is a can’t-go-wrong proposition, too.

Post-brunch, we like to head to the lively rooftop patio with great views of downtown Dallas to keep the weekend party going until sunset, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. We often need a nap between brunch and afternoon cocktails, which is why we always order an extra cinnamon roll to drag upstairs.

(It makes a really great pillow.)

Weekend Brunch, Saturday and Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
2803 Main Street, Dallas

Photos: Thomas Garza Photography



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