Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Snappy Dialogue

The Snapchat ghost is about to get a lot of company.

Today, the social media app launches a new comedy series, Ghost Hunt, starring Matteo Lane (above).

The comedian was featured (naked) on this year’s OUT100 list and this new show represents a prime example of Snapchat’s foray into original programming for mobile devices. The show’s even formatted vertically, for Pete’s sake. The concept of the show finds Lane helping people track down people who’ve ghosted them in order to find out the truth as to why they suddenly disappeared.

(Sorry, there are no Scooby Doo-level apparitions here, only bad daters.)

The first episode finds a guy who had a hot-and-heavy fling with another guy for a couple of months only to have him completely vanish. When Lane tracks him down and the two guys face each other for the first time, things get awkward fast. But Lane somehow keeps things light and hilarious.

What we love most about the show, which reminds us a lot of Catfish, is that we get the full story in five minutes, perfect for our busy lives.

Busy lives spent watching too many other TV shows. Search Party Season Two, anyone?

Ghost Hunt
Premieres today on the Snapchat app
Note: View on the Snapchat app on the DISCOVER page. To get there, open the app, swipe to the left twice, and look for the GHOST HUNT tile.