Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nico-Friendly Music

Today is World AIDS Day.

A day of raising awareness of the pandemic caused by the HIV infection spreading.

It’s a day of remembrance, but also hope.

And one of the best ways to honor those fighting the disease is to hear their stories.

One we’d like to share is that of Nico Decastro.

After being cast in the Filipino boy band A-Five, the currently based-in-Dallas singer/songwriter was raped at age 19. And that’s when he contracted HIV. Now, through his music, he’s able to convey much of his emotional and physical struggle, which he hopes resonates with anyone living with HIV or AIDS.

Nico is but one of a whole new generation of HIV-positive people, proving that no matter how many strides we’ve taken toward finding a cure and taking steps at prevention, HIV/AIDS is still a reality for so many and a threat to even more.

In honor of World AIDS Day, Nico shares his personal story (below) while kicking off a special GoFundMe campaign to raise money Special Service for Groups Inc., an organization that helped him when he needed it most.

Make a donation, buy Nico’s music, or simply take a moment to reflect upon World AIDS Day.

Or if the spirit move you, by all means, do all three.

Nico Decastro

Lead photo by Calvin Araracap



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