Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: Circle Back Around

No Dallas homo is worthy of street cred if they haven’t eaten at the Original Market Diner on Harry Hines. The place is an institution and gayer than three silver-dollar pancakes.

Yet its once-sister restaurant across town, Circle Grill, remains a secret to many. Now under new ownership, regulars won’t find that anything has changed a bit, except for maybe some fancy new menus with pretty pictures.

Some may argue that brunch without booze is just breakfast, but we can always use a platter of huevos and bacon without any additional temptation.

Circle Grill has serious Quentin Tarantino-esque diner cred with a long counter full of permanently attached stools featuring a great view of the kitchen action. Sitting there allows you to bask in the warm glow of a dessert case and listen to the whirlwind of servers shouting 1950s waitress lingo to the short-order cooks.

It’s just like being behind the scenes of a National Geographic TV special. Observe. Don’t make any sudden movements. And absolutely no poking of the servers allowed. (You could lose a limb.)

The cooks produce some culinary magic on that well-loved grill of theirs. Eggs Benedict are among the best in the city, especially because you can get them seven days a week. Pancakes are outstanding. And the biscuits and gravy are stupendous, even if they do stay with you for days like a happy, tummy-loving rock.

Service is attentive and friendly thanks to several long-time waitresses on staff who know a thing or two about slingin’ some hash and working a coffee pot. (Ask for Jerrie!)

Best of all, no matter how crowded it gets on a Saturday or Sunday morning, there’s rarely a wait longer than five minutes.

Now go forth and gay up the place.

Circle Grill
3701 North Buckner Boulevard, Dallas

Photos: Circle Grill/Facebook