Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Month: Holiday Packages

As kids, we always had Christmas-themed pajamas to wear while opening presents.

As adults, well, we don’t wear pajamas, so showing up naked to the family gift exchange might not be the best idea.

But underneath our outfit, we can keep the holiday spirit alive and well—and sexy—thanks to the wild and wintry MeUndies holiday patterns. This season of joy, give or get briefs, boxers, trunks and boxer briefs in a variety of adventurous patterns, including Candy Cane, Holiday Lights, Panda Claus, Joy Vey, Snow Flurry, Freshly Baked and Off Kilt (pictured).

Not only do we love the way MeUndies underwear fits, we love their sense of humor. And their wonderfully gay sensibilities.

Check out the commercial below and wish yourself into that sexy gold room with those two hot, hot men.

Just be prepared to wait your turn.

MeUndies Holiday Collection
From $24



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