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Like Totally

When we were in high school, social media meant writing in someone’s yearbook. In glitter ink. And emojis had to be drawn by hand, as well.

Thank the baby Jeebus.

We don’t think we could’ve handled the scrutiny of true social media at a time we were in the closet and tormented constantly because everyone already seemed to know we were gay.

But it’s a concept totally worth exploring and exactly what help Erik Forrest Jackson win Stage West’s 2016 Southwest Playwriting Competition. His play, Like A Billion Likes has its world premiere on Thursday, January 18 for a four-week run.

The story focuses on an attention-seeking girl who doesn’t fall into any of the cookie-cutter Breakfast Club cliques. She’s not a brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel or a recluse. She’s just Misty.

When she turns to social media to grab the spotlight, everything changes.

Filled with teen angst, questions of gender and sexuality, the show holds a mirror up to the anyone who turns to the digital world to replace reality and should make everyone question if it’s worth the drama.

Cue the Simple Minds song.

Like A Billion Likes by Erik Forrest Jackson
World Premiere Thursday, January 18
Runs through February 11
Tickets: $17 to $35

Stage West
821/823 West Vickery Boulevard, Fort Worth

Photo by Nat Chittamai: (left to right) Aaron Roberts, Delaney Milbourn (lower), Evan Michael Woods, Mikaela Krantz, Dana Schultes



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