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Pink Traveler: One Quinceañera You’ll WANT To Attend

The thought of going to a 15-year old’s birthday party is enough to get us several steps into faking our own death.

Unless, of course, said 15-year-old is a gay hotel in a fabulous tropical destination.

So for Casa Cupula in Puerto Vallarta, we’ll make an exception. The spectacular LGBT boutique hotel in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean is in full swing of celebrating its quinceañera season, which makes it the perfect time to get this resort-style property on your gaydar.

With only 18 rooms, you can easily get to know your fellow guests. Not to mention your gracious hosts. We love the clothing-optional pool during the day (pictured above), but even more when Casa Cupula hosts one of its infamous Adam & Steve pool parties. 

All the rooms are well-appointed, but none as much as the new Frida Suite (launched specifically as part of the 15th anniversary). Tour the room below and just picture yourself rolling around in that bed. Or perched in that jacuzzi with a margarita. Or, if you’re like us, stationed in front of the refrigerator eating cold quesadillas in the morning.

And, if you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta on the weekend of January 19th (or want to book a last-minute getaway now that you’re in a PV state of mind), join Cynthia Lee Fontaine and her CuCu for a Friday night 15th Anniversary party with open bar option, plus a special anniversary edition of the Adam & Steve pool party.

Otherwise, just get to Casa Cupula as quickly as you can. You’re gonna fall in love.

Or at least lust.

Casa Cupula 15th Anniversary Season
Last-minute deals from $137 per night




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