Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oscar Wild

Every year we make the same pledge. And every year we fail.

No, we’re not talking about our annual giving-up-drinking-eat-healthier New Year’s Resolution charade.

We’re talking about seeing all the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees. Some theater chains re-release the films for marathon viewing over a couple days, but we can’t handle that much time in a seated position.

Kneeling, maybe.

But Regal Entertainment Group is doing things a little differently with a festival pass for $35 that gets you access to all nine nominees. Best of all, it’s spread out from this Friday, February 23 through Sunday, March 4. You’ll even get a $5 drink-and-popcorn combo offer with each visit. (Sure beats the usual $732 price tag.)

You have to download the Regal Entertainment app if you want to purchase tickets in advance, but you can also get passes at the box office. We suggest buying in advance, though.

Locally, you can catch the film festival at Regal Fossil Creek Stadium 11 in Fort Worth and UA Galaxy Theatre Stadium 10 in Dallas. We’ve only seen a handful of the nominees, so we’re hoping to catch everything we’ve missed.

And a repeat viewing of The Shape of Armie Hammer. 

The Regal Best Picture Film Festival
Festival Pass: $35 (Includes all 9 Best Picture nominees on the big screen)
Friday, February 23 through Sunday, March 4

Photo Credit: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com