Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

Normally, we like those two words in that exact order. But when they describe the stock market, we freak out a little bit. And we’re confident we aren’t alone.

However, if you want to invest in something that’ll generate a positive outcome, then we have a few suggestions. Sure, these won’t make you any money, but there’s a huge lineup of LGBTQ Kickstarter projects that could use a little love.

And cash.

With your donations, projects could come to life that might otherwise never see the light of day (or darkness of theater). Take Dani Terrill: Black Bois (pictured), a Seattle-based dance piece that surpassed its $8,000 goal by almost $3,000.

Here’s a list of current queer Kickstarters, some expiring in hours, others in days and weeks. So get to clicking (and donating)!

Being BeBe: The BeBe Zahara Benet Documentary
An up-close-and-personal film about performance, persistence, purpose – and the first winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race (pictured above).

Growing Up Coy
Six-year-old Coy Mathis and her case were among the nation’s first transgender bathroom rights cases. The award-winning doc is embarking on a community tour to offer free screenings and resources.

Cherry Blossom
A photo book about unrequited queer love by photographer Ryker Allen who took a trip with his ex and documented the journey. 

Queer as a Five Dollar Bill
This YA novel that’s too controversial for traditional publishers.

Lingua Franca
Director Isabel Sandoval’s feature about an undocumented Filipina trans woman who falls in love with a working-class Russian-Jewish man in Coney Island.

Short by Cate Smierciak gives a glimpse into the inner lives of two teen girls in a stolen moment at the Salton Sea.

Short by Matthew Puccini (The Mess He Made) about a younger gay man who grows increasingly entangled in the marriage of an older gay couple.

Tripping Over You: Volume 4
A bi-weekly LGBT webcomic that’s as awkward as meeting your boyfriend’s dad for the first time.

The Pride Adventures: Issue 5
Next issue in The Pride Adventures anthology series, with brand new stories of LGBTQ superheroes.

F, M or Other: Quarrels w/ the Gender Binary Anthology Vol 1
Punchy, challenging, defiant and pertinent – this anthology explores the diverse spectrum of gender discourse and experience.

And there are even more LGBTQ projects here.

Happy crowdfunding, fellas!

Queer Kickstarter Campaigns

Images via kickstarter.com



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