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Brunch Of The Week: Let’s Get Sticky!

dal-05_13_16We get invited to try a lot of places for brunch. Well, every meal imaginable, really.

But we always say the truest testament to a restaurant’s appeal is when we return on our own when somebody else isn’t footing the bill.

And that’s exactly what’s happened when DC-based Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit debuted its first Texas restaurant in the booming Preston Hollow Village. We’ve been back for brunch (and happy hour) several times in the past two years with our very own dinero. And we crave it constantly, which doesn’t happen often with a chain restaurant.

Perhaps it’s the allure of the huge patio.

Or maybe it’s the appeal of any restaurant with six kinds of Bloody Marys.dal-05_13_16(2)Or an actual Bloody Mary burger!

How about a “Walk of Shame” burrito? (We think they named that in our honor.)dal-05_13_16(3)Then again, the blueberry muffin French toast may just be the tastiest start to a weekend ever created.

So, as you can see, we’re pretty passionate about everything we’ve tried on this brunch menu (and we’ve tried it all). Good thing they serve the best meal of the week on both Saturday and Sunday.

Because cast iron cinnamon rolls will cure any stress from the week before.

Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit
Saturday & Sunday Brunch, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
7859 Walnut Hill Lane (at the northwest corner of 75), Dallas