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Life Of The Poddy

Most of the podcasts in our library fall into one of two categories.

  1. True crime, or…
  2. True crime with dead body jokes.

But our increase in road trips for pleasure (who would’ve ever thought those words would come out of our mouth), we’ve been diversifying the types of podcasts we devour.

A couple weeks ago, we found out about the OUTliers TV Podcast from Jorge Perez (pictured), whom you might remember from Bravo’s Double Exposure series). The super-sexy gay man is also a Hollywood agent for entrepreneurs.

His podcast is different than any LGBT-ish one we’ve ever heard. OUTliers is all about innovators who are changing the world with an emphasis on adapting in the digital age.

The official podcast description we received from the show’s publicist is that it merges innovation, spirituality and entertainment. We have to agree. Who knew Lance Bass was a restaurateur? (Not us, that’s for sure).

Now in its second season, we encourage you to add this show immediately to your LGBTqueue.

OUTliers TV Podcast


Photo credit: Rowan Daly



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