Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Let’s Get This Cho On The Road

Who’s craving Asian this weekend?

We know we are, especially with the incredible Margaret Cho in town for five shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Addison Improv.

Not only is she one of the most hilarious comics ever, she’s a die-hard supporter of the gays and possibly the most gracious celebrity we’ve ever encountered on the streets. (We won’t mention the shock on her bodyguard’s face.)

Great seats are still available and tickets are a shockingly low $30 to $40 apiece.

Which is practically stealing the Cho.

Margaret Cho: Fresh Off The Bloat Tour
Five shows Friday, April 20 to Sunday, April 22
Tickets: $30 to $40
Addison Improv
4980 Beltline Road #250, Addison



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