Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Give ‘Em All You’ve Got

You’re probably already jazzed up that Thursday is National High Five Day.

Even if you’re not, you will be. Because we have a reason you can give yourself a high five that day and not feel one bit guilty about the awkward exchange.

Thursday is also Give OUT Daythe national day of giving for the LGBTQ community. Even if you donate regularly to non-profits in your community, there’s an added incentive to give to one of more than 600 registered organizations.

In addition to your favorite group getting an extra infusion of cash on Thursday, the more people donate, the more those organizations can bank if they attract the highest number of unique donors in their respective leaderboard category. That can happen thanks to $125,000 in Leaderboard Prizesfeaturing categories ranging from organizations with small, medium and large budgets, to those groups focusing on LGBTQ women, transgender people and people of color.

Give OUT Day is organized by San Francisco-based Horizons Foundation and since the 24-hour giving day’s inception in 2013, more than $4 million has been raised by 33,000 individual donors.

Best of all, you don’t even have to wait until Thursday to fork over some cash to one or more deserving charities. You can pre-schedule your donation right this very second.

Which will give you more time to enjoy all that high-fiving come Thursday.

Give OUT Day
Begins at midnight Thursday, April 19
Or schedule your donation in advance now



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