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Underwear Of The Month: Are You Ready For A Few Good Toppings?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for sexy underwear!

That’s really how that saying should go.

But even if our rephrasing doesn’t catch on, we’re licking up the delicious ready-for-summer underwear from Andrew Christian. His Ice Cream Mesh line features colorful soft serve cones on a vibrant turquoise background with bright yellow accents.

Available in jogging shorts, briefs and jock straps (pictured above, left to right), they’re the ideal skivvies for summer. And not simply because of the whimsical mesh fabric.

Instead, we love these most because of the Almost Naked design feature, which can be found incorporated into several Andrew Christian styles. Unlike some of the pouches that enhance your bulge and push everything forward to say howdy-do to anyone within a 20-foot radius, this design is more subtle.

There’s extra room in front, but it’s a hang-free design that doesn’t rely on any hidden cups or extra padding. So it offers support while giving you the breezy sensation of free-balling.

Or free-scooping, if we want to stick with the ice cream theme.

Andrew Christian Ice Cream Mesh Line
$18 to $29

Underwear photos via andrewchristian.com




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