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Brunch Of The Week: Welcome To The Gayborhood!

We have a winner!

After back-to-back failed concepts in the space at 3900 Cedar Springs Road, Peasant Pizzeria has come onto the scene poised to become a regular haunt for years to come. Attentive service, fair prices and (most importantly) killer food work together to create the triple threat needed to succeed in the city’s major LGBT entertainment district.

We were invited in for brunch this past weekend and the place was jumping, even at our late arrival time. Always a good sign when people are lingering long after their food has been eaten.

You can order off the regular menu during brunch, too, so we did a little mix-and-match. Because pizzeria is right there in the name, we felt obligated to start with a couple pies. And wow, they did not disappoint.

The paleo pizza (pictured above) was the surprise of the day. Too often, veggie-centric dishes just plain suck. But this combo of B&D organic pizza sauce, wood oven-roasted vegetables and two sunny side eggs with plenty of gooey, browned-on-the-edges mozzarella was the favorite plate of the day at our table.

For a different twist on the marriage of breakfast ingredients with Italian flavors, the fried eggs Amatriciana (pictured above) features two fried eggs, sage-garlic Italian toast, homemade cheesy Amatriciana sauce and roasted rosemary potatoes.

After working our way through another brunch pizza, some delectable lemon-ricotta pancakes and a daily special lobster Benedict, we decided we had room for one more bite of something from the lunch menu. So we opted for the bucatini with meatballs, pancetta and that same luxurious Amatriciana sauce from earlier. By the end of this platter, we were fighting over the final piece of pasta like those alley-dining hounds in Lady and the Tramp.

Throughout the meal, we sampled some expertly crafted cocktails from a list of sure-to-please greatest hits, as well as a nice bottle of prosecco with which we made our own mimosas. You can also get carafes of mimosas and Bloody Marys for $14 apiece, but we’re snobs and prefer to go top shelf whenever possible.

Fortunately, everything we experienced at Peasant Pizzeria was as top-shelf as it gets.

Peasant Pizzeria
Brunch Saturdays and Sundays
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

3900 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas

Food photos courtesy of Peasant Pizzeria



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