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Pooches, Pints & Patios

Get down on all fours. Because it’s time to crawl.

This Saturday, join Dallas Pets Alive for the 6th Annual Pup Crawl benefiting its animal rescue and important services for homeless pets. Join fellow dog lovers for a jam-packed Saturday of walking from bar to bar in Deep Ellum for a few pints. And a whole lot of fun.

Your $30 ticket gets you four tickets for a pint of beer from Community Beer Company at Dot’s Hop House, Braindead Brewing, Anvil Pub, Easy Slider, The Armoury, Twilite Lounge, or Three Links.To make things even easier, you can pre-pay your tips when you purchase your ticket.

Not only is the pup crawl a fun way to explore Deep Ellum, you’ll also sure to get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Or warm and furry.

Or in some cases, warm and hairless.

6th Annual Pup Crawl benefiting Dallas Pets Alive
Saturday, May 26
1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Tickets: $30
Start/end: Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
2645 Commerce Street, Dallas



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