Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Coffee, Cancelled & Crazed

Gird your loins, get on your knees and circle the prayer wagons, Sinners!

Coffee.  I normally get my coffee at church, but I know many of my readers are regulars at the overpriced, liberal java hut called Starbucks.  My heart goes out to all of you as you missed out on getting your caffeinated drip any time after 2:30 yesterday.  I have to say, though, that the bucks of the star are to be commended for their efforts to educate employees on common decency and treating others with respect during a brief company-wide shut down.  Word of warning going forward…..it’s bad enough that one can’t help but snicker when ordering a “tall blond”, but those of you who like your coffee straight up better find another word when ordering!  Praise!

Cancelled.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  Not too long after being declared a hit and renewed for another season, the ROSEANNE show has been cancelled already.  Unfortunately, its eponymous star (I love big words!) felt that she was too successful to fail and unabashedly unleashed some unattractive words on the Twitter.  One would think that Sister Barr, as a Jewish woman (double minority), would be attentive to minority slams.  Regardless, referring to an African American woman (double minority) as the product of a “Muslim and a monkey” (racial slur) was just too much for her star power to withstand.  Sister Wanda Sykes, lead domino in the fall, quit working on the show upon the tweet going public.  Soon to follow were ABC by cancelling her show, then her agents for dropping Roseanne as a client.  Let me say this…….bravo to ABC for their bold testimony, I’m hitting up ICM to fill their newly open spot, and perhaps a barista position for Ms. Barr at Starbucks would be an education.  Glory!

Crazed.  Finally, Brothers and Sisters, there are some stories that are just so easy for comment and reflection.  “Game company Valve is set to release ‘Active Shooter’ on its online platform Steam on June 6 and charge between $5 and $10.  The game, touted as a police-response simulator, will allow players to move through a school as either a SWAT officer or a gunman terrorizing civilians and police.”  What?  Are they thinking that any crazed would-be school shooter would think, “oh look…..I can just play this online and don’t need to actually shoot anyone during 3rd period”??  If this is deemed marketable, I shall wait for their next new game called “Trump This” which will allow players to move through a motorcade as either a Secret Service Agent or……well, you get the idea.  Let us pray.



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