Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get In These Kitchens

We love to cook.

Not as much as we love to eat out, of course.

However, when the mood strikes us we can be pretty damned creative sporting nothing but an apron, a can of Crisco and a strategically placed kitchen utensil or two.

(Oh, wait, wrong room in our house.)

Yet as much as we enjoy having friends over to eat, drink and be Vanjie, we find particular pleasure in watching other people prepare dishes that have some special significance in their lives. After all, cooking from a place of nostalgia can be one of the most personal experiences you can share with another human.

But enough of the Hallmarky sentiments of getting calories into our bodies already.

There’s a web series we only recently discovered, even though it’s somehow already in its fifth season.

Home, A Queer Cooking Series brings to the small screen the stories of LGBT cooks from all parts of the spectrum—and the world. In each episode, the cooks showcase a particular dish and talk about its significance, as well as key parts of their lives and LGBT experience.

The shows are less about the technical aspects of cooking and specific recipes and more about the interesting people behind the stove.

We’re already hungry for more.

Home, A Queer Cooking Series