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Brunch Of The Week: Wake Up & Drink The Coffee

Sunday Funday doesn’t have to happen every week. Sometimes, we enjoy Sunday Bumday.

But that doesn’t stop us from craving a good brunch. And a little booze (though not as much as normal).

Then again, sometimes the only buzz we crave is from a healthy dose of caffeine. That’s why the recently opened second location of Mudsmith at the Centrum building in the gayborhood makes it into our rotation, from weekdays to weekends.

The small but well-executed menu features everything from a variety of toasts and breakfast sandwiches to larger plates.

The herbed tomato avocado toast (above left) features smashed avocado, seasoned tomatoes and smashed avocado on a piece of classic French baguette. Among the larger plates, you’ll find a burrito, tacos and a waffle option, many of which are vegetarian. Ditto the veggie hash (above right) with sweet potato, kale, sweet corn, roasted white potato, onion and a fried egg.

Or if you’re watching your calories, just crunch on a biscotti while you watch your friends.

Doesn’t work for us, but never say never.

3111 Welborn Street, Dallas
2114 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

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