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Can We Be Graphic For A Moment?

If it’s one thing we know nothing about, it’s Indian Motocross champions.

But something we do have a little more knowledge of? Men’s fashion.

So we’re totally digging the new line of shirts from Motocross master turned fashion entrepreneur, Rajiva Agrawal. His goal from the beginning has been to provide North American men with fun, colorful, high-quality apparel.

And as a North American man, we’re so glad he launched this clothing empire-in-the-making.

The line of button-down club shirts feature best-in-class craftsmanship and materials, but each of the nine graphic patterns makes us swoon. The modern, flattering fit makes them perfect for hitting a nightclub, lounge, or stepping out at a beachfront resort, these colorful clothes will most definitely turn a few heads.

Through the Rajiva Agrawal website, you can also access fab sweaters, jackets and coats from his sister site, Cashmere Boutique. Because like it or not, cold weather will be here before anyone’s ready.

At least we’ll be fashionably prepared.

Rajiva Agrawal
Button-down Club Shirts, $99

Photo courtesy Rajiva Agrawal



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