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Get Your Buns In Here Soon

We’ve built a life on deadlines, so a clock ticking down doesn’t scare us one bit.

Unless we were in a real-life Evil Genius scenario, then all bets are off.

Fortunately, the countdown at the heart of today’s story revolves around something far less harrowing: sandwiches. In celebration of National Sandwich Month (and our own year-round obsession with handheld meals featuring bread), we turn our attention to East Hampton Sandwich Co., one of the best in the business.

Last month, in addition to rolling out a new menu (don’t worry, their famous lobster roll won’t be leaving), the EHSC team has launched new Limited Time Offer (LTO) creations that can be enjoyed as sandwiches, wraps or salads.

We joined a friend yesterday for lunch and devoured both a sandwich and salad version of The Famous Hot Birdie, this month’s LTO. Spicy fried chicken, sharp cheddar cheese, sweet cayenne corn relish, white balsamic cabbage slaw, blistered shishito peppers and roasted ghost pepper mayo work together to deliver serious heat in a most enjoyable way.

Even before slathering it in Serrano-spiked ranch dressing.

This chicken sandwich won’t be around long (unless they hear our pleas to add it to the permanent menu), but rest assured there will be an equally amazing sammie ready to fill the void when time’s up for this little birdie.

Tick-tock, y’all.

East Hampton Sandwich Co.
Limited Time Offer Creations Now Available

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Sandwich photo courtesy of East Hampton Sandwich Co.



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