Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: No Passport Necessary

By now most of you have discovered all the hip happenings in East Dallas near White Rock Lake. But we know there are still some of you for whom East Dallas might as well be a foreign country.

Well, you’re way overdue for a visit and we have one of the greatest reasons yet to jump in a Lyft for brunch: Local Traveler.

Champagne and wine, beer and cocktails on draft—who can choose? — photo by Jimmy Lavoie

Grab a seat in the surprisingly spacious dining room decorated with exotic acquisitions and souvenirs from adventurous travels around the globe. Or reserve a spot on the covered patio surrounded by tall, swaying bamboo.

Kick things off with a carafe of mimosas (made with something waaaaay better than Wycliff) or a Bloody Mary (available in two options: bacon-infused red or wonderfully refreshing green). A handful of draft cocktails or hand-crafted beverages can also quench your thirst more than adequately.

Bread and cheese platter — photo by Jimmy Lavoie

Numerous starters will tempt you, but trust us when we say the simple-sounding bread and cheese board will thrill everyone at the table. On our visit, we enjoyed a housemade croissant, biscuit and cornbread muffins alongside a buttery English muffin. In the center of the dish, a steaming hot platter of baked brie delivers a sophisticated punch of flavor to whatever carb you add it to.

Steak and eggs “Hulk Hogan” style — photo by Jimmy Lavoie

As for the main course, most everything has a familiar ring, but cheffy twists elevate typical brunch dishes to new heights of flavor. Carbonara flatbread makes for a much more fun way to get your bacon-and-egg fix, carnitas Benedict brings Mexican flair, and the steak and eggs “Hulk Hogan” style will be a more than adequate protein infusion for the day.

Located next door to The Lot, Local Traveler also backs up to the Santa Fe Trail, so walkers, joggers, runners and cyclists are more than welcome. So much so, that if you enter from the trail after a run or biking excursion, you’ll receive 20 percent off your brunch. Of course, travelers like us that prefer someone else do the driving or flying will be let in, too.

Better full price than break a sweat, we always say.

Local Traveler
Saturday and Sunday Brunch
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Full menu here
7522 East Grand Boulevard (at Gaston Avenue), Dallas