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Without Su, We’d Have No Ru

All hail the Queen of the Night.

That’s the moniker given to beloved Gothamite and avant-garde fashion icon, Susanne Bartsch.

For the on-the-scene and in-the-know movers and shakers of New York City, she’s a household name (and face) no matter what you call her. She launched the careers of new-generation icons, including RuPaul and Marc Jacobs, all while helping raise millions of dollars for AIDS charities.

A riveting new documentary, Susanne Bartsch: On Top, comes out today on digital platforms and on demand, and has been in theaters in New York and Los Angeles since Friday. The intimate portrait of the over-the-top event producer gives a unique look at life in 1980s New York during the height of the AIDS epidemic when club kids, celebrities and Manhattan’s elite all came together with a common goal.

She’s one-of-a-kind and this film shines a different kind of spotlight on her: One that transcends celebrity to show a visionary, fighter and hero.

With a wig, high heels and four-inch eyelashes instead of a cape.

Susanne Bartsch: On Top
A film by Anthony&Alex

Out today on digital and on-demand

Photo courtesy of Susanne Bartsch: On Top



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