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Brunch Of The Week: Put The Pedal To The Meddle

Carefully crafted, beautifully detailed, must-have items: Pretty much describes everything at the showrooms in the Dallas Design District, right?

But it’s also an accurate way of talking about the food and drink at Meddlesome Moth, one of the longest-running restaurants in the area.

We went last weekend for brunch and immediately wondered to ourselves why we don’t come here more often. Well, that’s seriously going to change because it’s now on our very short list of favorite spots that we’ll return to when not working on a Brunch of the Week story.

As usual, we started off with a Tito’s Bloody Mary, which to our delight comes with a beer chaser (and Meddlesome Moth has many brews from which to choose.) While our group was sipping on our cocktails, the chef popped by the table and said that we should try the “maple glazed doughnut” to share.

We thought, sure, a doughnut always makes a great start to brunch. But here’s what showed up to the table:

Not simply a doughnut as we expected, this dish features a towering stack of not one, but two doughnuts, a fried egg, bacon, and sausage and cheddar. As a garnish, more bacon and a few doughnut holes thrown in for good measure. Oh, and a strawberry perched atop for a healthy touch. This item is a special available on Sundays only, while supplies last, so if you ever needed motivation to make an early brunch reservation, this is it right here.

The ever-changing menu features an overhaul debuting this Sunday, so look for a creative version of a crab cake Benedict and other new treats alongside a few never-leaving-the-menu favorites, chief of which is the Mother-Child Reunion (pictured above).

Anytime we see this on a menu, we delight in how wickedly wrong it is to think of what the name of this chicken-and-egg dish really signifies. But who cares, this version comes with two perfectly poached eggs nestled on top of a juicy boneless fried chicken breast, which in turn rests atop grits and jalapeño gravy.

Of the many dishes we tried, not a single one fell into our running dud list.

Because life—and brunch—are too short for anything less than superb.

Meddlesome Moth Sunday Brunch
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Limited brunch items available during Saturday lunch, too)

1621 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas

Photo credits: Main image (Shutterstock); Doughnut special (Steven Lindsey); Mother-Child Reunion (Meddlesome Moth)



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