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For some people, fall doesn’t begin until their first taste of a pumpkin-spiced something or other.

For us, autumn starts with our first bite of a yummy, meaty sandwich at Burgers & Burgundy. This year’s DIFFA Dallas fundraiser returns to The Eye downtown across from The Joule with an evening of the city’s best chefs giving us their take on the ever-popular slider.

On Friday, October 5, you’ll find us hiding behind a giant bottle of Visine scarfing down burgers from John Tesar (Knife Burger); Coner Seargeant (Wheelhouse); Mat Urban (Commissary); Nick Walker (CBD Provisions); Sharon Van Meter (Taco y Vino); Kris Morningstar (Morningstar Gastronomy); Justin Brunson (Old Major); CJ Jacobson (Ema); Mariel Street (Liberty Burger); Bruno Davaillon (Bullion); Rodman Shields (Common Table); and Blaine Staniford (Grace).

Wait about 30 minutes and you’ll find us up a tree with our own bottle of wine.

But for you, Burgers & Burgundy will be a much more sophisticated affair. Tickets can be purchased for $150 per person or $300 per couple (math is fun!) and you’ll have a guaranteed spot at the hottest meat-and-bread-and-wine party in Dallas.

Except for every Tuesday when we sneak a box of Merlot into Arby’s.

Burgers & Burgundy 2018
Presented by Terri Provencal and Chef John Tesar
Friday, October 5
7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Tickets: $150 per person; $300 per couple
The Eye at The Joule, 1601 Main Street, Dallas

Photos courtesy of DIFFA Dallas



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