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Brunch Of The Week: Beer For Breakfast

Can a place that specializes in beer be good for brunch?

What a stupid question. Of course it can!

At least if it’s Blatt Beer & Table in Preston Hollow Village. We’ve been going here on the regular since they opened for chicken tenders at lunch (they’re some of the very best in town), so going there for weekend brunch was a complete no-brainer.

We started things off with a $4 Guinness and vodka Bloody Mary while we perused the menu. Then we moved on to a Beermosa made with local Revolver Blood & Honey American wheat ale. But then the real fun began as plate after plate of deliciousness hit our patio table.

Here are our three favorites:

Uptown Pork: Smoked pulled pork, jalapeño cornbread waffles, hash browns, gravy, eggs
Chicken Biscuits & Gravy: Our fave chicken tenders, flaky biscuit, gravy and maple syrup
Cinnamon Roll Waffle: Just like it sounds, a waffle made from cinnamon roll batter, stuffed with icing and topped with blueberries and cream

Most brunch drinks are a mere $4 and all draft and bottled beers are a buck off the regular price, so you can drink on the cheap while carb-loading with plenty of biscuity, waffley stuff in between. The scene during brunch is pretty chill, but that just made it easy to linger longer.

And we love pretty much anything long.

Blatt Beer & Table Weekend Brunch
Saturday & Sunday
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
7859 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas



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