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Brunch Of The Week: Wake Up & Smell The Tacos

Some people like to turn over in bed and see someone special lying next to them.

Other people like to turn over and see a note taped to the pillow that says “Meet me for tacos.”

Our preference falls somewhere between the two—with a heavy lean toward the taco scenario.

Well, Dallas, we now have another new location on McKinney Avenue of one of our city’s greatest fast-casual concepts: Velvet Taco. Not only do they have some of the most imaginative tortillas-wrapped-around-something creations in the business, but they’ve also launched a new lineup of brunch tacos available All. Damn. Day!

The new quartet (pictured above, left to right) includes the Steak & Eggs (#21) with crispy potatoes, Sambal hollandaise, pickled Fresno peppers, queso fresco, micro greens and tomato on flour.

The Monte Cristo (#20) featuring honey ham, gruyere, strawberry-jalapeño salsa, strawberry jam, powdered sugar and micro mint on a unique French Toast-battered flour tortilla.

The Bacon & Eggs (#19) with smoked cheddar, charred poblano salsa, chili butter and tater tots on a corn tortilla.

And, last but most certainly not least, the Chicken & Waffle (#18) that starts with a thin, slightly sweet waffle tortilla loaded with crispy chicken tenders, green apple slaw, maple syrup, peppered bacon, red chili aioli and peppercorn gravy.

The latter gave us a completely renewed obsession with chicken and waffles.

And we have the sticky syrup face to prove it.

Velvet Taco
Brunch tacos available open to close daily
Multiple locations

Photo by Steven Lindsey



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