Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

O Rodeo, Rodeo! Wherefore Art Thou, Rodeo?

We haven’t been to a rodeo since fifth grade. But we finally found a photo that accurately depicts our memories of the spectacle.

Create your own future flashbacks this weekend as the World Gay Rodeo Finals ride into Dallas (or the Mesquite Arena to be more precise).

Cowboys, cowgirls and all sorts of other creatures on four legs will be on hand for a variety of events, competitive and otherwise. The top 20 men, women and teams in the world will battle for supremacy in each event.

Highlights include calf roping on foot, team roping and bareback bronc riding. But also expect lighter, funnier events such as goat dressing (which is exactly what you think it is), and wild drag, which we’ll simply tease as an event showcasing drag queens and livestock.

The opening ceremonies kick off tonight, followed by a royalty competition. The rest of the weekend features too many events to list here (without boring you to death), so feel free to click here the top 20 men, women and teams in each event for the full scoop.

If you’re headed to Saturday night’s Halloween street party after the rodeo, however, use caution when deciding whether or not to show up in your horse costume.

Unless you like being ridden, of course.

World Gay Rodeo Finals
Tonight through Sunday, October 28
Tickets to Saturday & Sunday competitions: $20 at the gate
1818 Rodeo Drive, Mesquite



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