Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Prayer, Preposterous & Pagan

It’s been a trying week.  Let us gather in prayer.

Prayer.  Now, more than ever, people of all faiths need to come together at one altar to pray for this country.  Angry individuals are coming unhinged and acting out in dangerous ways.  One sent 12 fake bomb packages to politicians and media personnel with whom they disagreed.  One set upon a Jewish house of prayer and murdered 11 of the Chosen People.  Another took the lives of two people of color in a Kroger.  While fine Christians in megachurches everywhere are being preached a gospel of fear about Mexicans at the border, Muslims in the airport and gays in the neighborhood, a blind eye is being turned to the fine white men in their midst who are false prophets sending bombs, gunning synagogues and shooting up grocery stores.  Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.

Preposterous.  My biblical upbringing has caused me to believe, in faith, many things.  That Jonah survived time in the belly of a whale, that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survived the fiery furnace, and the seemingly preposterous story that a 16 year old virgin birthed the son of God.  However, there are just some things which defy belief in my faith.  For instance, Sister Kellyanne Conway on CNN insisting that Donald Trump is trying to heal this land.  Heal this land!  Would that be the same way that Charles Manson baby sat for Sharon Tate?  I’m just sick.

Pagan.  As if the world around us isn’t scary enough, tonight is the one night of the year where adults encourage their children to disguise themselves and go door to door asking for handouts.  Clearly a Democrat celebration.  I find the entire affair rather pagan and unchristian.  However, in the Spirit (so to speak) of the season, I’m working on my scariest ensemble in which to hand out candy to the children.  Assuming I can find a greasy blond wig and a stick of stale Cover Girl, I’ll be answering the door dressed as Kellyanne Conway.  BOO!



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