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Brunch Of The Week: Splurge On A Quality Ho

Cruisin’ for some fusion?

Look no further, we’ve found perhaps the most perfect example of a creative brunch menu that takes full advantage of riffing on its dinner fare and overall POV. Most places simply slap together a traditional eggs Benedict, a pancake or waffle and a cheap mimosa special and call it a day.

Not Gung Ho.

The team there has pulled out every stop to infuse even the most vanilla of American favorites with a delicious Asian twist. And nearly every dish is a screaming success. Take a gander at the full menu online (scroll down for brunch) and you’ll understand immediately. Toasted coconut waffles. Not Biscuits & Gravy featuring a crispy rice cake, mushroom gravy, and sunny-side eggs. Matcha-orange sticky buns. And a pile of Everything Jian Dui, sesame balls rolled in bagel-worthy seasonings with cream cheese filling.

If that’s not enough proof, stick your fork in orange chicken and waffles featuring that ubiquitous Chinese fried chicken entree elevated to perfection with a side of crispy nine-spice pecan waffles. Share a bowl of Lo Bak Go Tots, a mound of housemade tater tots loaded with sweet-and-sour pork belly.

Brunch beverages include $4 mimosas along with specialty cocktails, including a Yuzu Breakfast Martini with gin and yuzu sake, a Passionfruit Spritz (way more sophisticated than a typical mimosa thanks to Aperol), and a Bloody Mai, which as you’d expect is an Asian riff on a Bloody Mary.

Yet for us, the biggest pleasure was getting an order of coconut cream egg rolls with salted caramel and whipped cream. The secret is in the filling, which uses the famous Remedy coconut cream pie recipe. It took everything in us not to shove all six inches in our mouth.

Even though we know we could.

Gung Ho Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m
2010 A Greenville Avenue, Dallas

Photo by Kathryn Kemp