Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Females, Firings & Physicians

The elections are over.  Let’s review and move on.

Females.  I am praising the Lord for the blessing that the end of these midterm elections has brought.  No more political ads!  Now, I won’t mention my personal feelings on the results, but I do want to make some observations.  The Repugnicant stronghold on government has been altered due to the Demoncrat majority in the House.  As a part of this leftist turn, the color palette of government has gone significantly less white.  So many women, so many people of color, so many minority representatives.  Of course, there are also the victories of sodomites and lesbyterians.  For instance, not only can you legally “go to pot” in Colorado, but it’s now all being governed by a SODOMITE!  Overall, I think the most important thing to realize is that a fine Christian tenet has once again come true, albeit a more modern interpretation.  “A woman’s place is in the House!”  Amen?

Firings.  After a blue wave swept over the House, King Donald Trump saw the “mene mene tekel upharsin” written on the bathroom wall and has set to doing damage control.  Assuming a coming vendetta against him, he abruptly “asked” for the resignation of his Attorney General, little Jeff Sessions.  Sending Jeff back to his tree to bake cookies allowed KDT to call his minion, Matt Whitaker, and tell him to put on a clean pair of legal briefs and order his Attorney General business cards.  Matt Whitaker.  A fine Christian man who believes that all judges should be Christians (provoking severe side eye from Sister Ginsburg) and believes that the Mueller investigation goes “too far.”  Surely, yes surely, we are all like sheep being led astray in this Apprentice-like reality show of American Government.  Let us pray for a soon to come familiar line being directed at the King.  You’re Fired.

Physicians.  I don’t know what I’d do without Sister Ann Coulter.  She never tires of her particular ministry……a ministry which feeds mine in a real and tangible way.  Of late, Sister AC in DC has opined that, amid the current debate on guns and the aftermath of more shootings and the responses of the medical community regarding the carnage they have thereby seen, she feels the doctors need to “butt out” of the gun debate.  As she so eloquently stated, “Emergency room doctors pull cue balls, vines & gummy bears out of human orifices every week.  That doesn’t make them experts on pool, horticulture or chewy candy.”  Oh Ann, I supposed you have a point.  But speaking of butts………….just because you have your head stuck way up yours, this does not mean that any of these fine doctors will be willing to pull it out for you.  Bang!



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