Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Thanksgiving break upon us, which means a week off from publishing so we can stuff our faces and relax without having to think of new puns and sex jokes for stories. But it’s also a time when being grateful becomes top-of-mind.

So to kick off the holiday in feel-good style, we’re proud to introduce you to a gay-owned, Dallas-based company aiming to make the world a better place. One comfy t-shirt at a time.

After pondering the state of the world, particularly after the mass shootings in Orlando and Parkland, he wondered if the simple message of being loved could be enough to make a difference in the lives of people. In turn, would they be nicer to others?
The grand hypothesis manifested itself in something everyone uses often, if not every day: a comfortable cotton T-shirt under the brand MUCHLOVE.
Founded and run by Alexande DeBlieux with love and encouragement from his boyfriend, Christian Coleman, MUCHLOVE’s unisex #FrocketPower line features four comfy pocket tees in charcoal, blush, cotton or sapphire with a simple message sewn into the pocket for the wearer to read.
“You are loved.”
Can something so simple change the course of someone’s day? Most certainly. And more good days equal a better outlook on life overall—at least we certainly hope.
Alexande plans to expand with a long-sleeve shirt in the next couple weeks, followed by sweaters, hats and kid’s sizes down the road. A portion of proceeds from all purchases will be donated to five vitally important charities. Plus, you can suggest a favorite charity to add to that list one day.
And to all our devoted readers, you can win your very own MUCHLOVE shirt by entering our giveaway below.
In the meantime, buy one for everyone you know.
Because supporting local, gay and idealistic equals very good karma indeed.
MUCHLOVE Pocket Tees
Photos courtesy of MUCHLOVE