Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Who Wants To Sleep With John Waters?

Let’s go chasing Waters next fall!

But it won’t be much of a contest because we know exactly where to find him: Camp John Waters.

How we never heard of this debaucherous experience until now will haunt us until our dying day, but we’re making up for lost time and going full-in for the long weekend in Connecticut next September. We gathered our guy friends, booked a cabin and came up with a fun group name.

Now all we have to do is book airfare and start planning our costumes and fine-tuning our questions for the Pope of Trash. Not to mention a few juicy inquiries for celebrity camp counselors Ricki Lake, Mink Stole, and Pat Moran.

Camp John Waters takes over the 300-acres campsite operated by Club Getaway for an adults-only sleepaway camp that organizers promise to be “an even dirtier, filthier, raunchier weekend than you could have ever hoped for!” Sounds like our type of vacation.

In addition a looooong list of traditional camp activities, there’ll be many theme-specific events, including a John Waters Costume Contest (judged by the man himself), a dance party, bedtime stories read by John, a marathon of his biggest hit movies and most underground treasures, a John Waters one-man show, a Q&A with meet-and-greet, Hairspray Karaoke, and Bloody Mary Bingo. Accommodations range from traditional tent camping (your cheapest option from $499 per person), as well as glamping (from $659 per person) and rustic-chic cabins (pictured) with en-suite bathrooms (from $559). Add-ons bring the price up quickly, but roundtrip transportation ($69) from New York on a group bus makes planning simple while providing the opportunity to meet fellow campers right away. An open-bar package can also be added for $149.

Accommodations are co-ed, unless you fill an entire cabin with your friends. We paid an upcharge of $150 per person to get a private cabin for just four gays, but if you can gather together a group of six, you can take over an entire cabin without any upcharge. We know we won’t be in the cabin often, but we’re too old to share a bathroom with strangers. (A shower, now that’s another story!)

So join us for one scandalous adventure after another and make sure to bring all your John Waters-loving friends.

The s’more, the merrier!

Camp John Waters
September 13-16, 2019
From $499 per person
Club Getaway, Kent, Connecticut

John Waters photo courtesy of Admire Entertainment
Camp photos courtesy of Club Getaway



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