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Brunch Of The Week: Hide & Go Drink

✅ Eggs

✅ Bacon

✅ Potatoes

✅ Orange juice

✅ Vodka

✅ Champagne

Don’t worry, we didn’t accidentally publish our grocery list. Rather, behold the absolute minimum requirement for making us happy at brunch.

Not only does HIDE in Deep Ellum allow us to check off all the boxes, the new brunch menu there goes way beyond with some of the most creative uses of those ingredients, too.

Case in point: Check out that photo above, starting with an exquisite Bloody Mary featuring housemade mix and a veggie-based snack on a skewer. The Rosé All Day featuring rosé, gin, grapefruit, lavender, and rosehips takes the flavor profile of a frosé and elevates it to a much more sophisticated cocktail. Plus, it’s available in a carafe for sharing (or hoarding).

From there, you’ll find cornmeal waffles, which can be loaded with bacon and cheddar, blueberries and candied pecans, or Nutella and fresh berries. Chilaquiles start with homemade tortilla chips and spicy salsa then crank things up several notches thanks to excellent, non-greasy chorizo and a sunny-side egg.

The Hide breakfast is, well, super basic with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and tater tot hash, but damn if the entire table of people seated next to us didn’t each order that platter. So it serves a purpose, as sad as it makes us for people to phone in their brunch orders.

But never fear, the biscuit sammie gives us faith in humanity once again with its loaded-down presentation of sausage, fried egg, pepper jack, tomato jam and arugula on a golden, fluffy biscuit.

Baked eggs also wow with cast-iron-filled options ranging from Arrabiata with parmesan, spicy tomato sauce and arugula to ham and gruyere or wild mushrooms with mozzarella and sausage.

Our most unexpected favorite item of the day, however, is the fig toast (pictured above from our visit). Everyone’s doing avocado toast, but this elegant-yet-rustic combination of wine-poached figs, prosciutto and herbed goat cheese on soft, toasty sourdough makes us want to return for an entire order all to ourselves with a bottle of wine, but that would mean exercising restraint.

Something we’re far from known for during brunch.

HIDE Weekend Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2816 Elm Street, Dallas

Group food and cocktail images courtesy of HIDE; Fig toast photo by Steven Lindsey