Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Holiday, Turkey

Belly (dance) up to the bar, everyone!

Travel during the holidays can be stressful, but not if you’re headed to Turkey—by way of Plano. That’s where we discovered one of the best (and most outrageously fun) Mediterranean restaurants in the metro area.

Don’t let the strip-center facade fool you because once you’re through the main dining room of Turkish Cafeit’s like you’ve been transported to another place altogether. Brightly colored lamps and fabrics. People sucking on hookahs as far as the eye can see. And if you’re lucky, a belly dancer shaking everything she’s got.

We went a few weeks ago with a group of friends and had we not had an early flight the next day, we’re sure we could’ve shut the place down. The hospitality itself is over-the-top fantastic, but that’s hardly anything compared to the food.

Hummus. Gyros. Kebabs for days. All your favorite Med flavors can be found on the menu for lunch and dinner. Just don’t fill up on too many Turkish delights, because you need to be ready to hit the dance floor.

Sure, it’s not even remotely similar to a night under the disco ball at S4, but that’s a good thing. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll get caught up in the excitement and energy.

Which is directly related to how many Turkish martinis you have, of course.

Turkish Cafe & Lounge
8412 Preston Road #450, #332, Plano

Photos courtesy of Turkish Cafe & Lounge