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You don’t need a time-traveling DeLorean to give a gift from the future.

Or more specifically, the Futuro.

House of DIFFA: Futuro doesn’t happen until March 16, 2019, but tickets just went on sale this week. So for the best possible seats, get to clickin’! Tables of 10 start at $4,000 (and go up to $35,000 for primo positioning) if you want to coordinate with friends for a group gift. 

We’ll have many more details as the event gets closer, but all you need to know for now (and you probably already do), is that it’s one of the most festive fundraisers of the entire year.

And one of the easiest things to wrap. Ever.

House of DIFFA: Futuro
March 16, 2019
Tickets on sale now from $400/each
Tables of 10 on sale now from $4,000/each



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