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Communication, Catholics & Cars

Some pre-Christmas opinions and prayer requests.

Communication.  At this time of year, many end-of-year lists emerge.  I’d like to draw your attention to the most popular words of 2018, according to several dictionary publishers.  “Justice” was among the most-consulted words on Merriam-Webster’s website throughout the year.  Oxford Dictionaries’ crowned “toxic” its word of the year, and selected “misinformation” as its winner.  One might think that wordsmiths this year were busy with stories about chemicals, law enforcement and muckraking.  One would be wrong.  Let me sum this up for you all.  2018 will be remembered as a year where too much misinformation led our justice system to make toxic decisions which have served no one.  Let us pray.

Catholics.  As a Babatist, I have made no bones about my feelings regarding Catholics.  After all, WE are the only Christians going to Heaven, but I digress.  We have all borne witness to the continuing revelations of decades of sexual abuse at the hands of priests trying to examine more than rectories.  Now comes word of a priest in Michigan who, in his duty as the great comforter at a time of sorrow, verbally vomited a funeral manifesto for a deceased teenager who had committed suicide.  Rather than bringing comfort to the family of mourners, said priest railed against the sin of suicide, even after the child’s father begged him to stop.  If Jesus was indeed the Great Comforter, some of His people on earth are nothing more than polyester bedspreads.  Let us turn in our Bibles to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Cars.  In related news, the Lincoln Motor Car Company has announced the return of a styling note from the 1960s on a limited edition automobile costing upwards of $100,000.  Front and rear doors which each open from the center of the car.  Like double doors at the opening of a church.  These unusual doors have always been referred to as “suicide doors” for some odd reason.  I daresay you won’t see a Catholic priest driving one of these overpriced chariots.  And if he does, I plan on standing up during his next sermon and call him out on his sin.  Glory!



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